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An invitation to all of my Sisters

"Women's Tribal Heart Beat celebrating the full moon:

A shamanic Journey to Recover our Tribal Heart Beat. That is our Mother's language.The first sound was our Mother's Heart beat and her voice. We Recover the healing power of the  heart beat through the drums, dance and voices of women as a tribe with the full moon vibration. We recover our female power and to call back the beat in our life and connect with the heart beat of mother earth. 

My dream started after giving birth of my daughter Jade in 1989. I had a dream 27 years ago, a dream to celebrate rites of passages as a women through music, dance and rituals with women and our children. My dream was completed after my dance theater education 25 years ago and meeting my soulsister Erica muller then we started women circles and a centre for waterbirth. de Oerbron. This Journey goes on in twente with De Rode Tent Twente/ mooncircles sinds 2007.


My great inspirations are:                                              

  • The  book "Woman who runs with the wolves/ De ontembare vrouw" from Clarissa Pinkola Estes.                                                                         
  • My coworker and soul sister Erica Muller of  where I was guiding women circles, pregnant women, parents and babies in water.                                                      
  •  My shamanic teachers Carl Big Heart en womenteaching of Grandmother Nanatasis  ,the native american women teachings and Daan van Kampenhout
  • My Drum teacher Layne Redmond she wrote the book: when women where drummer.
  • See also our facebook page

The drums, dance and sacred songs came to me as a friend, mother and a teacher in many rainbow colours. This is what We want to share with you in all the coming  Moon circles.

We would like to hear all of your dreams or the dreams that you still want to do at the Moon circles. To support those dreams we can dance and sing them awake on the beat of the drums. To co- create together to awake our deep connection with mother earth and nature in Twente with thanks to Amber Brejaart en Leoni Boers -Ansell.


The Red Tent Temple Movement is a way for women to take our inner momentum, that feeling like the time is now and come forward with everything we are as women and give us a place to incubate, dream, slow down, and not have an agenda or plan. And simultaneously much is waiting for us in this not knowing place but we need to make time for the empty space. It is also not only empty space but woman space where we can share stories, laughter, songs, food and honor our unique cycles that we experience each month in our bleeding time and in our going through menopause and the many years leading up to it. see also



Circle dates with full moon 2020

  • Full Moon: Red Tent Twente in Tuindorpbad: on friday evening see menu agenda

Friday evening at Tuindorpbad located at vijverlaan 63A from 20:00 - 22.30 hour.



  • A Full Moon circle is 7,50 euro or mooncard                                 

Take along: your drum or a little percussion, dance clothes or a skirt and your wild Self and wisdom.

Info and registration

Georgette Elders en Leoni Boers Ansell see als the agenda voor on the the menu of this website  0638410299

see also our Facebook Page


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